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All Timber Frames is a dedicated timber frame construction company based in Cheriton Fitzpaine, eight miles from Exeter.

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The usual material used is a mineral wool batt, such as Rockwool Flexi, however this can be substituted by a variety of other insulation materials such as hemp, wood fibre, sheeps wool or straw bales.

We are able to offer clients the choice of timber engineered I joists or metal webbed joists. The advantage of these types of joist compared to traditional solid timber joists is that they can span greater distances. This can result in savings in the costs of ground works by reducing the number of load bearing walls. These joists also facilitate the construction of open plan living spaces without relying on expensive beams to break the span distance. Another advantage of these joists is that they eliminate squeaky floors, indeed the first I joists used in this country were marketed under the name of Silent Floor. With the I joists the central web can be drilled out to allow the installation of pipe work and electric cabling, however the metal web joists make this job easier as the gap between the top and bottom cords of the joist is open.


We are also able to offer the clients a choice in joist platform decking boards, either chipboard or plywood.  We prefer to use plywood as they are more stable in wet conditions. With chipboard, even the plastic coated boards, moisture can get into the unprotected T&G, should this happen the joints can swell by a few millimetres which will lead to problems when the floor coverings are laid. In addition it is not advisable to lay tiles onto chipboard, so if there are areas which will be tiled a ply wood sheet would have to be laid on top of the chipboard. Chipboard does however have a cost advantage being about £3.00 per square metre cheaper.

As with all choices on specification, the decision lies with the client.


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