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The frame most commonly used in timber frame construction is the open panel system.

With this frame the external wall panels are delivered to site with the external sheathing board and membrane fixed to the stud work which is left open for insulating and wall boarding on site after the first fix electrical work has been carried out. The internal racking panels have a sheathing board fixed to one face of the studwork, whilst non load bearing internal wall panels consist of open stud work.

The size of external panel studwork can vary depending on the level of insulation required. The standard size is 140mm, which when insulated with 140mm mineral wool insulation batts will give a U value through the wall of 0.22W/m2K, which is comfortably better than the current limiting U value for external walls of 0.30W/m2K.

For clients looking for an improved thermal performance frames using 184mm or 235mm studwork for the external wall panels can be provided. These will result in a U value of 0.18W/m2K and 0.15W/m2K respectively, assuming there to be a 50mm cavity and 100mm external cladding block.

As well as the different stud sizes All Timber Frames offers the client a choice of external sheathing boards, plywood, OSB or Panelvent, and a choice of exterior membrane, either a reflective thermo membrane or standard house wrap.


What goes into each build?

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