Why Timber Frame?

All Timber Frames is a dedicated timber frame construction company based in Cheriton Fitzpaine, eight miles from Exeter.

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About 90% of self-builders choose to build using a timber frame, amongst the reasons for this are:

1. A build using timber frame is typically 30% quicker than an equivalent masonry build. A quicker build is a cheaper build. On site savings will be made on items such as scaffolding, fencing and welfare facilities. Personal savings can result from reduced bank interest payments, rental and furniture storage costs.

2. Timber framed buildings are generally more thermally efficient than masonry buildings. In a masonry build the insulation, usually 50mm rigid boards such as Celotex, is placed in the cavity between the inner and outer block work skins. For the same cost 140mm Rockwool Flexi, can be fitted between the studs of a timber frame wall panel. The result is a better-insulated house for the same monetary outlay.


The better the insulation the lower the heating costs will be. For clients wishing to go the extra mile and build a passive house, timber frame is the only practical option. To achieve the necessary thermal and air tightness performance would be extremely difficult and expensive in a masonry build.

3. Timber framed building is a predictable build and should carry on uninterrupted by inclement weather resulting in build programs being kept.

4. Timber framed construction being an essentially lightweight building method, means that it is often the ideal solution on sites with difficult ground conditions. It is also beneficial on sites with tight working conditions, craning in the wall panels is easier than having to move concrete blocks around the site.

5. Timber framed construction makes compliance with the Code For Sustainable Homes easier to achieve.

6. Timber framed construction produces less on site waste. Masonry construction can result in staggering levels of waste, which is both costly to the environment as well as the client’s pocket.

7. Timber framed construction being an essentially dry build, results in less snagging post completion, for example there will be less settling / drying out cracks in plaster works.


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